See Through Sunday!

Lily’s world this week, dear friends, is not sparkly and bright and happy like last week.  My laptop met an unfortunate fate today.


So my Sunday was, unfortunately not nearly as productive as I had planned.  Although I am more than just a little giddy to report that the old girl has been repaired, screen replaced, and is currently back to serving her purpose.

What’s the big writerly lesson we’ve learned here?  Not a whole lot to be honest.  Just a timely, albeit redundant, reminder to BACK UP ALL THE THINGS.  And take it all in stride.  Yes it was a tragic turn.  Yes my heart stopped beating for a few minutes.  Yes nausea was a thing for a brief moment and, when that passed, chocolate consumption was DEFINITELY a thing.  But, as with rejection letters, hard edits, and writer’s block things happen beyond our control that we need to roll with.

Roll on, writers, roll on.

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