“Look for inspiration everywhere… and be curious!” ~ Taken from College Carnival

This could also easily be subtitled “Pinterest: Not Just for Soccer Moms!”

I’ll be very honest with you guys, because we’re friends, right?  Right.  So I have been ridiculously uninspired (and a little lazy) in nearly every aspect of my writerly life this week.  Work in progress?  Stagnant.  Queries?  Sitting in my draft folder.  This blog?  Well, that really doesn’t require an answer.  I really won’t bore you with how long I’ve stared at this blank blog post and had absolutely nothing worthwhile come to mind.

Rather than offer any life-altering insight or brilliant writing advice (excuse me while I crack up at that notion), I’m simply going to share one of my favorite inspirational tools.  You guessed it… Pinterest!

I’ve spent lots of time saving writing articles on Pinterest, but about a year ago it finally dawned on me to create boards for my stories.  I’m a little slow on the uptake sometimes.  Obviously I am more than happy to find the visual representations of my characters (Garrett was exceptionally fun!) I also get great insight into everything from date night ideas for married couples (hello Tanner & Iz!) and wedding dress designs (Ella!) and even what a cute little Cape Cod style home would look like for Maddy to live in.

So your brief (didn’t think I could do it did you?)  note from Lily tonight includes absolutely zero Lily Lightbulbs, just a general plug for the flexibility of Pinterest.

And now I’m gonna go waste copious amounts of what could be precious writing time on Pinterest and hope the inspiration fairy will visit.  Most likely, I shall just add superfluous pictures to my fun, non writing related boards before falling into a deep slumber, but one can hope.  😉

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    Great post!


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