See Through Sunday

We’ve established I’m old school.  I’m even old school in the way I spell old school (i.e. correctly).  Yeah, I’m in my early thirties, but I have an old soul.  Call it a byproduct of being around primarily adults my entire life or of being homeschooled before homeschooling was cool.

I’ll never deny my love of living in a technological age.  Having the ability to pull up research on everything from the academic path required to be a real estate developer (hey there, Ethan!) to the awards bestowed upon military service members for outstanding bravery in combat (so proud of my Garrett!) is a gift to a writer.  And I’ve already expounded on the benefits of social media to writers, so I certainly won’t bore you again.

But there is something special about holding (and smelling!) a physical book.  Something incredibly inspiring about writing on lined paper.  And something fulfilling about seeing my research printed out, triple hole punched, and filed in color-coordinated binders.

**Side note: The word ‘binder’ makes my heart sing a little**


Yes, these are only a few.  Yes, they are filed in a banker’s box.  Yes, I chose the binder colors based on something in the story.  Don’t judge me!

I know all the cool kids will wax poetic over the ability of Scrivener to keep all my research at my fingertips, but there is something sensory pleasing about grabbing a binder and having every details of my characters’ lives as this real thing I can touch.

So if you don’t use Scrivener, how do you organize your research?  And is anyone else as enamored with binders as I am or am I simply an outcast?

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