Sunday Book Review! MASKS by: Amara Lynn

Hey guys!

This is an exciting post for me for several reasons. First, let me explain that I am in the process of (hopefully) improving my long dead blog and have some SUPER cool ideas planned. Be warned, I am super fickle and that may include some site changes as we go so if you check in and things are a little different… yeah, I apologize now. My growing pains can be rather jarring at times.

One of the big changes I am implementing is focusing my blog on book reviews, very specifically ones written by diverse, #ownvoices, and marginalized authors. I am setting up a form for you to request reviews and WANT you guys to use it! I would love nothing more than to feature authors of color, disabled authors, marginalized authors, LGBTQ+ authors… you get my drift here, right? Yours are the voices I want to hear. As soon as my form is up, y’all start sending me your stuff!

But first, let’s get to the book that has the honor (yeah, honor, we will go with that) of being the featured novel for my blog reboot. That would be Masks by Amara Lynn.

Now I did something a little different for Masks than I normally do… I went into it knowing NOTHING. Literally nothing. I didn’t read the blurb, I didn’t read any reviews, I simply snagged it on Amazon and dove right in. And oh my word! There were all the delicious surprises because of this fact.

Masks is centered on Avari who initially, I’ll admit, I wasn’t a huge fan of. He was snarly and grumpy and kind of mean to the only person at his college who was interested in spending time with him, Chayton. That lasted for a little while until I learned that Avari held a secret. He has super human powers. Ones that he doesn’t always use in the best of ways. Yeah, Avari, our MC is a villain.

You may think I’m crazy, but this is a fact I adore! I have a thing for villains (I basically want to embody Harley Quinn as much as possible).

But every villain has a superhero that rises up to battle them right? Yeah, so that happens. And TONS of brilliant and exciting actions scenes ensue. When I say brilliant and exciting I mean I was sitting on the edge of my seat and holding my breath as all this went down.

Masks is a relatively short story at only 84 pages long, but there is SO MUCH wrapped up in the book you will feel like you just experienced a much longer tome by the end.

If you are looking for a unique, LGBTQ+ take on the age old superhero vs supervillain trope with a unique twist, you will devour Masks and love every minute of it, just like I did.



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