Sunday Book Review! THE DEVIL’S BREATH by A. Nybo

Happy Sunday my lovelies!!

This week I have a gripping and suspenseful MM romantic suspense with a Native American love interest. Come along on this twisty, turny, delightful roller coaster with me.

Within moments of meeting Henri we see that he is being stalked and sent messages… via a bullet taped to the inside of his car door handle. Yeah, this is where we start folks. No easing you into the suspense, just gripping you by the throat from the go.

From there we experience nothing but frantic ups and downs as Henri (who is so beautifully broken, my favorite type of man) stumbles into a diner and a man who helps him through a non verbal panic attack as he is trying to contact the mysterious Jason. And who is this knight in cowboy garb you might ask? Why it is our Anishinaabe love interest, Birch.

Now, a very important thing you need to know about Birch is that he is a horse trainer… horse whisperer really. So when Henri is, justifiably losing his shit, darling Birch just utilizes the same techniques he would with a skittish colt. And damned if it doesn’t work.

But things in the RS world can never just be, now can they, folks? Nope. So we begin with a car chase, a home destroyed, and a stalking victim on the loose, not only hiding from the person attempting to get him back, but also hiding from those sent to help him, Jason, Nate, and Mike.

When they finally locate Henri and bring him to a safehouse, he finds it occupied by none other than Birch. Yep. Because see, Birch is now in the sites of the psychopath stalking Henri because he was seen helping Henri get to help.

And did you notice my little note about this dude wanting Henri BACK? Yeah, that would be because Crazy Stalker Dude (his name is Russell but I hate him so much I really dislike giving him the respect of a name) had captured and tortured Henri several years earlier. Now he had escaped an Australian SuperMax facility to get him back.

Totally comforting right?

Yeah, that is only amplified when the psychopath makes his final stand… and winds up taking Birch.

That, dear friends, is where I will leave you because you’ll need to discover all the unique and unexpected bumps and turns that The Devil’s Breath takes. Every time you think you can breathe… well, just don’t get too comfortable.

Occasionally I had a slight stumble while reading because scene breaks sometimes were also POV changes, but not always. This meant it took a few lines, sometimes a few paragraphs to remember which POV I was in. I’d have loved to see the POV changes labeled with the character’s name.

Readers of steamy MM romance with some added psychological thriller and suspense elements would be fan of The Devil’s Breath.



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