Sunday Book Review! BEST MAN by: Chris Delyani


I struggled with this book a little in the beginning, both pacing wise and with the story. Frank is still recovering from his divorce from Ethan (who left him for another man) however he is in a position where he wants his best friend… who is taken. Albeit by a slimy, conniving fellow I really didn’t like from the beginning, but I digress. I felt that would be in conflict with a man whose entire marriage imploded because of a wandering eye.

This definitely improves as the tangled webs we weave when we lie (the inciting lie would be Frank telling his BFF Jonathan that he has someone, when the closest he had was the yoga teaching tenant Julio… who then becomes his fake boyfriend). Now here everything picked up and I was incredibly drawn to read because Jonathan’s fiancee and Julio manage to be involved in this twisted… well I can’t even say love triangle because it is kind of more of a love square.

There are enough twists and turns that I am going to stay mum on the exact details, but I will just say that you need to stick with it through the first 20% or so of the story where there is a lot of backstory. Once this story picks up, IT PICKS UP.

While the cover kind of made me feel this would be lighthearted, possibly bordering on romcom, the story itself is not. Infidelity is an oft mentioned topic and may not be for all readers. If you can manage that, you’ll find a sweet story at the heart.

And all I can say is… there are two people who get their just deserts and I simply could not be more happy for them.

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