Sunday Book Review! SLEEPLESS IN SAN FRANCISCO by Ryan Field

This title, guys… THIS TITLE sucked me right the heck in. I had my fingers, toes, and ankles crossed (not my eyes because I was desperate to read) that I would get the chance to review this book. I may or may not have breathed a literal sigh of relief when it arrived on my Kindle.

So you can guess the plot based on the title, right? I mean OF COURSE we are all looking at it and picturing that swoony love story with Meg Ryan & Tom Hanks, But this time all wrapped up in a rainbow flag, right?

Well, if that’s what you are thinking like I was, you’d be about half right. There are some awesome and amazing parallels between the classic romance movie and this charming tale, however the author created some very unique takes on the tale and made it all his own.

Ed not only loses Jake thanks to a tragic car accident, but also a lot of his life motivation. A year after Jake’s passing, Ed closed his veterinarian practice, packs up his ten year old son Noah and their lab Tucker (anyone who knows me knows puppies are totally the way to my readerly heart) and they move from New York to San Francisco to start a new life… as best they can. What Ed hadn’t realized, however is just how much work the “fixer-upper” he bought (sight unseen) required. Little Noah takes matters into his own hands after a hole in the bathroom floor is his final straw. He sends a note to the host of a home improvement show requesting they consider featuring he and his dad and their… handyman special.

Jonathan is the host of Dream Away and when his inbox is lit up by a little boy asking for help, he has no choice but to answer. He’s prepared to be confronted with a disaster of a home and, while it isn’t quite as bad as Noah described, Noah left out one hugely important detail. That his dad was a sexy widower that Jonathan simply couldn’t resist.

Their instant attraction managed to reach a part of Ed he once thought may have died with Jake.

And I do mean instant. At their first meeting they have a smoking hookup that they both agree can’t happen again while they are working together (insert maniacal laughter here because… of course it does).

While he never keeps it a secret from Ed (and Jonathan does make it clear that they aren’t committed) Jonathan has a on again/off again boyfriend who makes a reappearance in Jonathan’s life right around the holidays, helping to put things into perspective for both Ed and Jonathan.

Sleepless in San Francisco is a delightfully easy read with low conflict and smexy times galore with a heartwarming ending that INCLUDES A PUPPY. And all the happy sighing from me.

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