Sunday Book Review! A LITTLE SIN by: Sionnach Wintergreen



This week’s book review comes with a confession… I read this entire novel in just a little over two hours. Yes, that’s right folks, I devoured this puppy! There were so many questions and intriguing possibilities I couldn’t possibly bring myself to stop.

We start with a dead body. Crazy beginning, amirite?? I literally had no idea where it was going to go from there because I have read both amazing and… less than romantic suspense stories which start out in a very similar fashion, so I braced myself for this to go either way. I am so happy to report it was solidly in the former camp.

One of our leading men, Avery, is the Sheriff of a small town in Texas in the 1920’s. So let’s just start by stating the obvious, this is not going to be the most open-minded and tolerant of settings.

His charming love interest, the new veterinarian in town Garland who took over the practice from his father, is brought onto the scene because the body I mentioned earlier? Yeah that was the town doctor/coroner. Heavy emphasis on the was. Since the good doctor certainly couldn’t perform his own autopsy, Garland is commissioned to try to use his animal skills for human use.

And what a love interest! Those two light several pages on frickin fire with their chemistry and attraction. When they finally give in it is just as big of a relief to the reader as the characters themselves, let me tell you.

In the midst of their smexy times, they are also trying to solve not only the murder of the town doctor, but a second body that pops up of a young woman who was not only murdered, but also mutilated. The hits just keep on coming, let me tell you.

Now I will admit one of my biggest downfalls as a reader is that I try to figure out the ending from page one with suspense stories, but this ending? The whodunit of it all? Folks, I did NOT see that one coming and that is all I will say about that!

Not only did the author create some wonderful suspense, they also tackled some very weighty topics. Remember my whole talk about the setting? Yup. Racism and homophobia are major issues at play. I did appreciate that the author didn’t simply pretend those issues weren’t real in 1920’s Texas. Realism is key.

If you enjoy MM historical romance with heavy suspense, grab a copy of A Little Sin today.

Where to find A Little Sin



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