Sunday Book Review! SAFE PASSAGE by: Rachel Ford



Our feature review for this week is a twisty, turny sci-fi romance that has a thread of suspense through it (hi, I adore suspense if you’ve never met me).

Now, I’m gonna admit straight up front that I am rather tech stupid. Please see my uber simple (simple sounds so much nicer than basic as hell) blog. So I went into this read a little unsure how I’d read it because when I hear tech talk it basically sounds like Charlie Brown’s teacher in my head.

However I’m delighted to report that Ms. Ford doesn’t allow her readers to drown in a ton of indecipherable tech talk. Which is rather admirable given the fact that the main character Kay is a software engineering genius. However our darling Kay has… some issues. I mean, we all do, but she may have gotten involved with people who have used her genius and now want her dead.

Tiny issue, that.

So now Kay is using her brilliance to devise a way to get away from the Conglomerate. This leads to a series of unfortunate events and lands her happy little self in the universal version of BFE, still far from her ultimate destination and the hope of safety.

Enter Maggie, a space pirate who has a bright idea of her own: rob the bank Kay used to work for. In exchange, Maggie would give Kay safe passage away from the Conglomerate.

Now let’s be real here, Kay was basically in a “back against the wall” place. She was a dead woman walking if she couldn’t get away so… agreeing was a no brainer really. What else is a girl to do?

Apparently fall in love. Because on their adventures, Kay and Maggie grow closer and, though both appear uncertain about how the other feels, a connection forms. As well as budding chemistry that ignites into steamy intimate times.

Safe Passage is a very fun, intriguing, and unique story that takes the threads of crime noir stories of the 50’s and throws them far into the future with sci-fi twists and turns that update the heist stories of old. And fortunately this is only book one, because the crazy mixed up crew is absolutely delightful and charming and I can’t wait to read more about them.

Find Safe Passage today!



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