Sunday Book Review! CAPTAIN STELLAR by: RJ Sorrento

Captain Stellar_RJ Sorrento - Ebook Front Cover

Sitting in the cab, it burdened Cal that Jin didn’t know the whole truth. He hadn’t told him a complete lie, he was developing new skills, just not in photography. But the lies were stacking up and Cal was getting crushed under their weight.



Happy Sunday my friends! Today’s review is a super fresh and unique read for me. I’ll admit upfront I am a major sucker for super hero stories. Like… super sucker. It speaks to my happily ever after loving heart in so many ways. Good triumphing over evil, love winning out over all…

But I digress. Captain Stellar starts in the way every good super hero story does, with an average, everyday Joe just trying to find his best life now. That is our Cal. Now, he might be just a regular dude, but he also happens to have a model perfect face and finely chiseled bod thanks to his day job as a construction worker.

He also has a hot af boyfriend that could be the front man for a K-Pop band.

Unfortunately… Cal has an affliction many do… he’s a total commitment phobe. Yeah, our boy loves his man, but taking the next step in their relationship and moving in with him has Cal shaking in his work boots.

And then tragedy strikes on Cal’s job site and plunges our hero into a place where he questions everything in his life and it is all thrown into jarring perspective.

This is where it all COULD end. He could run to Jin and decide to solidifying their relationship and explore the after side of happily ever after, right?

Yeah, not so much.

Cal is abducted on the night of a meteor shower and given super powers that he never asked for. Never wanted. And, quite frankly, flipping hates.

At least at first.

As time progresses at the underground lab where Cal has been held he slowly accepts and learns to control his powers. He also grows ever closer with his counterparts in training, Margo and her brother Fernando. Especially Fernando. Now not only has Cal been handed a new future with the possession of his abilities, the once inevitable life with Jin isn’t quite so inevitable.

The entire world has been crafted so well I was absolutely sucked in and couldn’t stop until I’d reached the last page. This is a fresh take on a well loved super hero trope. Also Captain Stellar sports a trendy and eye catching cover that makes it instantly recognizable.

If you are a fan of super hero stories with a bit of a love triangle twist, check out Captain Stellar! It’s available for pre order now and goes live in just TWO DAYS!

Where to find Captain Stellar:



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