Sunday Book Review! SPELLBOUND by: Allie Therin


To save Manhattan, they’ll have to save each other first…


New York

Arthur Kenzie’s life’s work is protecting the world from the supernatural relics that could destroy it. When an amulet with the power to control the tides is shipped to New York, he must intercept it before it can be used to devastating effects. This time, in order to succeed, he needs a powerful psychometric…and the only one available has sworn off his abilities altogether.

Rory Brodigan’s gift comes with great risk. To protect himself, he’s become a recluse, redirecting his magic to find counterfeit antiques. But with the city’s fate hanging in the balance, he can’t force himself to say no.

Being with Arthur is dangerous, but Rory’s ever-growing attraction to him begins to make him brave. And as Arthur coaxes him out of seclusion, a magical and emotional bond begins to form. One that proves impossible to break—even when Arthur sacrifices himself to keep Rory safe and Rory must risk everything to save him.


This review is an absolute joy and pleasure to write, just as the book itself was to read. I will try to contain my gushing, but I make no promises.

Spellbound is the debut novel of an exceptionally talented author. Ms. Therin draws you into this amazing world she’s created within the first few pages and wraps you up in a tight grip of intrigue, romance, and what the flip did I just read?? I devoured Spellbound within 5 hours of receiving the ARC (and while at work, but let’s just pretend I didn’t say that) and proceeded to read it all over again two nights later.

I’m going to start with Ace/Arthur because… well I kind of adore everything about him. I have a super soft spot in my heart for broken men. Who happen to have a very specific personality (decisive, commanding, protective, possessive) and Ace embodied every single one with drool worthy swagger and a confidence that might have made me swoon. More than once.

Yes, I have a type. Moving on…

I should probably give a little airtime to Rory who has a bit of a bigger character arc throughout the novel. First, I will admit to a shameless bias to the name Rory. Be it on a female (hello, Gilmore Girls) or on a boy, it is one of my most favorite names ever. So I was totally digging him. Oh and remember my whole love of broken boys? Yeah, so that is SUPER at play here. I might identify a little too strongly with Rory, however. He is constantly “okay” when in reality all he wants is Ace to wrap him in those big, strong arms and make all the scars all better and…

Yeah, totally felt every moment of that.

The only thing more noteworthy than the brilliant path their relationship takes is the suspense and intrigue that haunt them at every turn. Ms. Therin does a beautiful job of walking a fine line to achieve a balance I’ve seen other authors struggle with and finds the sweet spot in her work between romance, sci-fi, and suspense. It is incredibly tricky to not be heavier on one of the themes to the detriment of the others, but she carried all in such a seamless way I would be positively green with envy if I didn’t love every step of the journey.

If I could, in any way possible, give her more than 5 stars I would happily do so. I am beyond thrilled that this is simply book one in a series because I need more of Ace, more of Rory, and without a doubt, more of Allie Therin’s amazing words in my life.

Spellbound releases TOMORROW, but run out RIGHT THIS SECOND and pre order your copy so that it will be delivered to your ereader first thing in the morning.

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