Sunday Book Review! BEING HOSPITABLE by: Meka James


Kiki Jenkins knows that opening her home to her best friend’s younger sister means giving up some solitude. What she doesn’t expect is for her new roommate to become temptation in the form of novelty panties and flirty innuendos. But Charley is off limits…for several reasons.

Charley Graham wants to be seen as more than her brother’s little sister. And she wants Kiki to do the seeing. Her new internship provides the perfect opportunity. Plan in motion, she’s not going to let their close living quarters go to waste.

The arrangement is supposed to be temporary, but as they grow closer a permanent change of address might be in order.

Happy Sunday, darlings! I have a tasty little erotic short romance for your viewing pleasure today so let’s dive right in.

Now, it is pretty well known that romance is my jam. Give me all the pairings or moreings and, as long as you give me an HEA without a blankety-blank cliffhanger, I am a happy girl. I don’t care if it’s a short fifteen hundred word smut piece or a one-hundred thousand plus tome, I am all in for all the love. That said, FF romance sadly isn’t one I’ve had much experience with reading so if you find yourself in the same boat at me, I want to start my review with the recommendation that I normally end with. This is a fabulous “welcome” to FF/lesbian/wlw romance.

Being Hospitable takes a scenario that could be incredibly scary (opening your home to a friend to room with you for a set period of time… how many episodes of Judge Judy have started in just this way???) and turns it on it’s sexy little tail.

Kiki willingly offers her home to her best friend’s younger sister. Not only is Kenny Kiki’s BFF, but his little sister Charley has often been part of their group partly because it’s what younger siblings do and partly because Kenny is an overprotective big brother. Even more than normal because Kenny takes on a fatherly role over Charley in the wake of the loss of their father.

So Kiki isn’t exactly welcoming a stranger into her home, however Charley does offer Kiki some surprises. Starting with curves that have filled out and ending with underwear adorned with bratty little messages that Kiki has a hard time looking away from. However the biggest bomb that Charley drops on Kiki—after poor Kiki has spent far too many hours kicking herself for lusting over Charley—is that not only is Charley bisexual, she is very interested in Kiki.

Hot and steamy (words that really don’t even come close to accuracy but are are good as I can do) interludes follow. Ones that neither party can lie and call hook-ups between friends because their feelings quickly follow their bodies.

One problem. Remember that overprotective big brother I mentioned? Yeah, the girls have to inform him that his best friend and the little sister he constantly worries about are now in a relationship that is growing more and more by the day.

This salacious little read hits every note in very few words. If you need a quick afternoon delight, Being Hospitable needs to be right at the top of your list and you need to preorder NOW because it is such a little treat when a random book pops up on your ereader that you might have forgotten you ordered. Like a little gift from the universe to make your days brighter.

Where to find Being Hospitable




Barnes & Noble

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