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As of February 2019 I am focusing my reviews on diverse and marginalized writers such as authors of color, disabled authors, LGBTQ+ authors, and #ownvoices authors across all genres although I am strongly biased to romance (insert disgusting heart eyes emoji here). I’ll post your reviews on my blog, Amazon, Goodreads, Twitter, and Pinterest. I don’t post any reviews lower than 4 stars and if I feel I can’t post something in the best light possible, I will contact the author and decline to post the review. Please notify me if there are any triggers in your work such as non consensual sex/rape, significant violence, horror, incest, mental health issues, etc. Depending on the context/time on page this will not necessarily be a reason to decline, but I definitely need the warning going in. Also, let me know ahead of time if there it ends in a cliffhanger/non happily-ever-after! I have been known to deduct stars in the past for not knowing this information prior to beginning. My saccharine sweet heart needs warnings about this stuff.

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