Twelve Days of Giving!


Happy holidays my darlings! This year I released my debut MM romance, A Granted Wish and the book itself sparked a bit of a brainstorm. In this story, Grant is a successful real estate developer in Miami and the son of a prominent lawyer to celebrities. He’s also an intolerant so-and-so and exiles Grant from his family on Christmas Eve when Grant finally comes out to them. That moment made the holidays a painful time for Grant for the next eight years until a holly jolly pseudo elf in the form of his personal assistant Adam changed everything for him.

But, folks, not everyone is as lucky as Grant to have an Adam come in and make life bearable. The sad truth is that this time of year is incredibly difficult for many people, especially those within the LGBTQ+ community. Places such as The Trevor Project are working overtime during this season and I wanted to come up with a way to help.

I am fortunate enough to have met some fabulous authors on Twitter who generously have agreed to partner with me on my crazy idea. And thus the Twelve Days of Giving was born. All the authors are either members or allies of the LGBTQ+ community and their works are representative of this with a wide spectrum of characters that are gay, lesbian, bisexual, ace, transgendered, etc.

From December 1 – 12 each day is dedicated to an author. If you are interested in winning the prize they’ve offered for the day, comment on the pinned post on my Twitter page (@AuthorLMichaels) that day with a screenshot of your donation of at least $1 to The Trevor Project. Clearly I don’t want anyone to feel uncomfortable, so please black out any personal information. If you don’t feel comfortable posting, even with information blacked out, please DM me instead.

I’ll be updating this page soon with more precise donation information so you know exactly what you’re entering to win.

If you have any questions about this project, please feel free to DM me or email me at:

Rules (I know, but we have to have some):

  • Each author has a designated day so if one of the brilliant folks stands out more than another, make sure you pay attention to which day they are listed and be sure to comment on my pinned post on that day.
  • There are so many retweets and shares that circulate that it is impossible for me to track down each one so to be certain your entry counts please make sure to comment on the pinned post for that day on my page.
  • Please do blackout any personal details. In the interest of confidentiality, you can DM me the screenshot for the day you wish to be entered rather than commenting on the post HOWEVER please comment that you’ve DMed me your entry so I don’t miss it.
  • Each day’s giveaway will begin at 12:00 am (midnight) EST on that date and end at 11:59pm EST. If you post outside of those times, I am sorry to say that your entry will be invalid. Again, these times are all EASTERN STANDARD TIME.
  • Please, please, please be respectful and kind not only to the generous authors who have been so gracious as to donate their works to this project, but also those who are entering. Hate speech won’t be tolerated.

When you give, you can be entered to win… 

Day One ~ Evie Drae

Evie is generously offering a signed paperback copy of her debut Beauregard and the Beast. Yeah, I’m biased, but this has to be on the top of your list, because a SIGNED COPY from the divine Ms. Drae herself is priceless.

Day Two ~ Meka James

The talented Ms. James will be gifting an ebook copy of her hotter than Hades FF erotic romance novella Being Hospitable. If the weather has made you cold, folks, this book will definitely kick up the heat.

Day Three ~ Rowan Shaw

This amazing author has made an offer that, quit frankly, blew my mind! Rowan is offering a paperback copy of one of her books of your choice for your $1 donation HOWEVER a $5 donation means you can win paperback copies of ALL FOUR of her books.

Day Four ~ Clare Ashton

A brilliant and talented FF romance writer, Ms. Ashton is generously offering an ebook of YOUR CHOICE from any of the ones in her catalog. Good luck, I literally have no clue where to begin with all those delicious words.

Day Five ~ Allie Therin

This is a book I read and loved so you guys need to jump on this, Allie is offering either an ebook OR paperback copy of Spellbound to one lucky winner. Did I mention I loved this book?

Day Six ~ Isabelle Adler

Isabelle has offered her latest release Irises in the Snow for her dedicated day. This holiday romance is a perfect option for the season and the treat you deserve to curl up with and relax!

Day Seven ~ Jodi Hutchins

Jodi wrote a gripping and decadent paranormal romance The Grim Assistant that you definitely need to enter to win JUST IN TIME for the release of the second in The Grim Tales series to release this month.

Day Eight ~ Lila Mina

Lila brings all the dark heat in her fiery paranormal romance trilogy The Temper Saga and you can win not one, but ALL THREE in this series. Yeah, these are books you absolutely need in your life.

Day Nine ~ Alexa Milne

Okay, this one is total bias because Alexa is a fellow Pride Publishing author so my view my be slightly skewed, but she is also graciously offering an ebook copy of her MM romance Sporting Chance as well as a lovely charm bracelet.

Day Ten ~ Lily Seabrooke

Guys, we are all about the holiday love here and the charming Ms. Seabrooke is offering her BRAND NEW (as in releases the day on December 10th!) romance The Christmas Ball. I was sold just by looking at that absolutely stunning cover. All the heart eyes!

Day Eleven ~ Serena J. Bishop

Delicious women loving women romance continues with Serena’s generous offer of a paperback copy of her latest release Dreams as well as some surprise swag tucked inside! It’s like all the prizes in one scrumptious package.

Day Twelve ~ ME!

So if you’re here, you know me pretty well and I am all about the love for all. For the final day I am offering an ebook copy of A Granted Wish and a $5 Amazon gift card for one random winner.