Sunday Book Review! BEING NEIGHBORLY by: Meka James



Another Sunday, another book review!


This week I’m going to share the tasty little erotic romance novella Being Neighborly by Meka James.


Being Neighborly starts with our female lead, Jess, discovering that one of the neighbors in the Arizona townhome complex she just moved to is not only a hot as hades well-built man, but he’s slightly forgetful. By that I mean our darling Ryan has entered his living room after taking a shower without making a pit stop to grab clothes. A fact Jess enjoys.


Her enjoyment gets multiplied when Ryan starts masturbating in front of the window.


Yes folks, Ms. James has created the most deliciously sexy opening to this steamy book with a mutual self-pleasuring scene in a voyeuristic setting. I have to admit, that’s a scenario I’d never read in a book before but I adored every moment of it.


After their little interlude in the dark, Jess is embarrassed… but it’s nothing compared to the all-consuming mortification that she experiences when she runs into her late night pleasure partner at the community mail boxes. A brief, awkward interaction follows Jess discloses that her AC is broken, a huge issues in the oppressive Sedona heat. Our clever little Ryan jumps at the chance to play knight in shining armor as well as get Jess to spend a little more time with him by offering his home (and AC!) until the maintenance man is able to fix her unit.


This would be the point in the program where you run your greedy little hands together because this is the open frickin door to lots of delicious little hook-ups between our leafs. And if y’all have ever read a slow, steamy, detailed sex scene by the fabulous Ms. James you know just how much of a delight lots of these moments are as a reader!


Being Neighborly is an interracial erotic romance novella that’s perfect to devour over a lunch break… or just before bed if you need a little scene setting for some sweet dreams. And it’s live TOMORROW so pre order your copy today!


Barnes & Noble




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