Sunday Book Review PLAYING AROUND by: Suzanne Clay


Logan and Christian have been best friends since kindergarten. After spending their entire childhoods together, it makes sense they would go to the same college: the first step toward making their futures intertwine forever as blood brothers.

But being away from home means discovering freedom Logan and Christian have never had before, and their journey of finding who they really want to be—and how they want to fit into each other’s lives—is a messy one.

When a double date with their girlfriends turns into a new, erotic experience, both Logan and Christian are shaken by it. Suddenly, they can’t continue to see each other in a platonic light. Exploring their curiosity feels dangerous even when their girlfriends aren’t an issue, but ignoring their changing feelings is impossible.


I’m going to admit something here. I was wrong.

I have been SUPER excited to read this books for MONTHS now ever since I first read a snippet the author shared on her Twitter feed. I’ve shamelessly stalked her and devoured all the bits because, let me just say right now that she is a brilliant writer and I can’t wait to nom on more of her words in the future but… I was so, so wrong.

My read of Playing Around started with me entering the story with the notion that this would be a fun, sexy, lighthearted story where I could simply immerse myself in story.

I. Was. Wrong. Well, partially.

Playing Around is absolutely a fun and sexy book. Smoking hot, need a spritz with a water bottle and a cold drink level sexy, people. And it is a NA MM romance which basically tickles ALL my fancies.

But this story is much more. It seriously moved me on a very soul deep level. So many instances the interactions between Christian and Logan ripped my heart out of my chest cavity and stomped all over it.

It was very hard for me to write this review because after reading (and thank all things good that the author was kind enough to offer an HEA so I didn’t need to hunt her down and force her to write me some happy for these boys… Misery style) I was raw and super vulnerable in some of the very best possible ways.

Logan and Christian deal with such real realizations and deep conflicts that I felt at my core. Some of their revelations about themselves felt a tiny bit rushed to me, but at the end of the day, everyone’s journey to find their most authentic selves is just that, their own. The pace is dictated by so many personal things and I think that was reflected in this story.

Playing Around is just the book to scratch the itch for steamy, sexy MM romance, but be warned, folks, there is a depth of emotion here that will bend and twist and completely own your heart and soul. It is available now for pre order and will be LIVE tomorrow! Check it out!

Where to find Playing Around




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